Richard Giles

Richard Giles resides at the unique Crystal Waters Ecovillage and has been an astrologer for over twenty five years. He contributes to many publications including Holistic Blisss magazine, Hinterland Times, numerous website magazines and has been featured on ABC radio programmes and is interviewed each year about the coming Chinese New Year.

Richard’s astrology work focuses around the issues in your current path, your background personality traits and key lessons in life and where you head forwards into your future. He ran an astrology discussion group every month in Maleny on The Sunshine Coast Hinterland in Queensland for over a decade.

Richard is experienced in the tenants of Feng Shui and Geomancy and also has a comprehensive understanding of Chinese astrology. Much of his experience and work has been in the writing, magazine publishing, environmental advocacy and counselling areas of life.

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Richard was active in the environment movement for almost two decades and his commitment to environmental work has led him into an area of environmental reconstruction that mixes the ancient Chinese tradition of Feng Shui with the modern principles of climate design. Its all about balancing up the people with their land, home and business using the best of traditional principles from this extensive 5,000 year old system.

compassRichard uses compass directions, land considerations, number cycles and rules of arrangement to design the best personal situation for you. Feng Shui can plan from a site to position buildings and rooms…..





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