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Richard Giles resides at the unique Crystal Waters Ecovillage and has been an astrologer for over twenty five years. He contributes to many publications including Holistic Blisss magazine, Hinterland Times, numerous website magazines and has been featured on ABC radio programmes and is interviewed each year about the coming Chinese New Year. Richard’s astrology work focuses around the issues in your current path, your background personality traits and key lessons in life and where you head forwards into your future. He ran an astrology discussion group every month in Maleny on The Sunshine Coast Hinterland in Queensland for over a decade. Richard is experienced in the tenants of Feng Shui and Geomancy and also has a comprehensive understanding of Chinese astrology. Much of his experience and work has been in the writing, magazine publishing, environmental advocacy and counselling areas of life.

Geopathic Stress


Richard Giles

The term Geopathic Stress is newer to our society and is involved with the recent greater understanding of the Earth’s energy field and how it works. Geopathic stress may be determined by the presence of developing physical imbalances or illnesses, due to lines of harmful energies which radiate through the earth. The European dowsers call them Black Streams and the Chinese call them Sha Streams. They can follow water courses, geopathic fault lines underground, sites of earth disturbances such as new roads, bridges or earthworks when suburban or rural land are is cleared for new development and housing. Electrical power stations, nuclear reactors, military bases, heavy industry, steel pilings, old battlefields, and historical sites of trauma such as massacres sites of indigenous peoples are also origins of these Sha Streams. Earth acupuncture or geomancy is one of the processes used to […]

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2010: Year of The Metal Tiger

The Chinese Astrology Year Ahead


A Year of the Time to Dispel the Old False Ways
By Richard Giles

The 2010 Chinese Year begins in mid February on the New Moon of the 14th and is the beginning of the traditional Chinese calendar. The size of the Chinese population probably makes this calendar the most followed in the world. The New Year begins a new Zodiac animal cycle, the Year of the Tiger. Chinese tradition employs both Solar and Lunar calendars. Using the Solar calendar, its the 5th February but the New Moon day of 14th February is the official Lunar New Year celebration day when dragons and fireworks come out into the streets of Chinatown.

2009 was Year of the Earth Ox and what a challenging year it was. Now in the cycle of the twelve comes […]

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