Feng Shui advice service: Home & Health Consultancy

chinese-coinRichard was active in the environment movement for almost two decades and his commitment to environmental work has led him into an area of environmental reconstruction that mixes the ancient Chinese tradition of Feng Shui with the modern principles of climate design. Its all about balancing up the people with their land, home and business using the best of traditional principles from this extensive 5,000 year old system.


compassRichard uses compass directions, land considerations, number cycles and rules of arrangement to design the best personal situation for you. Feng Shui can plan from a site to position buildings and rooms in an arrangement that suits both the micro-climate on your site and your own innate needs from both your birth details and your zodiacal nature. These consultations usually run for about 5 hours on site and he will take details back to prepare a full written report. He will bring an 18 page report back to you in about a week to ten days. He needs to have your birth details, the age of the house and a floor diagram of the building from your builder’s plans or previous owners.

Richard also uses a dowsing art called Geomancy which examines earth energies on site. Sickness and disease can arise from imbalances in the body, in the emotions and also in the physical landscape. Using dowsing principles (similar to water dowsing) negative energies can be dispersed and supportive ones enhanced. Consultations usually involve at least three hours on-site plus a report.

Richard does EMF/EMR (electromagnetic field and radiation) assessments of your house and office. These involve a metered assessment of all the equipment in the house and safety issues surrounding them. Plus you’ll be given a run-down of how to protect yourself in future with a small booklet of tips and educational material about EMF fields. Avoiding future issues with EMF/EMR given our extensive use of technology with microwave radiation in the home from smart phones, WiFi, smart meters and baby monitors is very important to your health today, particularly as the W.H.O. has recently classified electromagnetic radiation as a possible carcinogen.


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