How To Use Feng Shui Book

How To Use Feng Shui Book – Richard Giles

Purchase Richard’s 30 page booklet on how to use Feng Shui at home – “Your Personal Guide to Feng Shui” which is a large format (21cm wide x 29cm high) book well illustrated with diagrams and charts giving you an easy to follow picture of some of the basics of Feng Shui.

The book covers –  Home Layouts, the Five Elements, Colour in Feng Shui, Arrangements in the Home, the Eight Directions (the Ba Gua), Home Office Layout, the Garden Layout, The Five Elements and Your Body, and Your Personal Year Number calculations.

Cost is just $15.00 plus $4.00 for post and packing. Order from Richard at PO Box 489, Maleny QLD 4552 with cheque or money order made out to ‘Richard Giles’, or Contact Richard for Bank details for electronic transfer.