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The term Geopathic Stress is newer to our society and is involved with the recent greater understanding of the Earth’s energy field and how it works. Geopathic stress may be determined by the presence of developing physical imbalances or illnesses, due to lines of harmful energies which radiate through the earth. The European dowsers call them Black Streams and the Chinese call them Sha Streams. They can follow water courses, geopathic fault lines underground, sites of earth disturbances such as new roads, bridges or earthworks when suburban or rural land are is cleared for new development and housing. Electrical power stations, nuclear reactors, military bases, heavy industry, steel pilings, old battlefields, and historical sites of trauma such as massacres sites of indigenous peoples are also origins of these Sha Streams. Earth acupuncture or geomancy is one of the processes used to neutralise and cure these fields.

A Sha Stream (pronounced ‘shar’) is a sick earth meridian line or an unbalanced ‘Lung Mai’. A Lung  Mai is the Chinese phrase for the ‘veins of the Dragon’ which is where the water flows in underground streams. These are the earth’s veins, equivalent to our blood vessels, which pass the life force through the earth’s crust.

There are historical medical proofs of the effects of these streams. The most well-known is of Baron van Pohl, a German dowser who in 1929 was asked to dowse the town of Vilsbiburg which had the highest rates of cancer  in Bavaria. He discovered that there was a 100 percent correlation between the location of beds of the cancer victims and the path of Sha Streams through the town. He repeated this testing in another town in 1930 and found the same results.

Geopathic stress is also implicated in other diseases such as MS, Parkinsons disease, endocrine disorders, heart disease, Crohns disease, Downs syndrome and other similar disorders. Also there are conditions such as migraines, candida, asthma, eczema, arthritis and rheumatic conditions as well as chronic fatigue syndrome that are all effected by Sha Stream energies.

In the natural world most animals spend their time avoiding these Sha Stream sites. They instead gravitate towards areas that are more healthy called Sheng Streams (pronounced shoong). Birds are the most sensitive and horses the most resilient. Cats, owls, slugs, snails, and snakes are all attracted to Sha Streams. Often its your cat’s favourite sleeping place. Insects, wasps, parasites, ants and viruses all thrive on Sha streams.

How can you identify these streams in the environment because the energy is always invisible? Often gaps in hedges, dead plants, infertile fruit trees, twisted trees, bare patches in lawns, moss, fungi and wilted vegetable gardens betray these streams’ location.

Other clues are piles of rubbish and in my own work clearing out Sha energies, I have found piles of old cars, heaps of rubbish, metal dumps, broken brickwork in houses and recurring electrical breakdowns always on the path of Sha streams. The other big example is what are called ‘Black Spots’ on major highways which always seem to attract car accidents. These are usually large cross-over points for big Sha Streams in the earth. Healing them is big task because of the deaths on that site.

How can I tell when I am affected by Geopathic Stress ?

There are a number of pointers to look for suggesting the presence of Geopathic stress by the effect on people and buildings. The following clues may help:-

1. There is a serious illness such as cancer, M.E., or multiple sclerosis.
2. There is an illness which does not clear up despite good treatment.
3. Residents have tried a number of different therapies without success.
4. They feel better when away from home. For instance, a condition may clear up or improve when away on holiday only to come back again when they get back home.
5. They became ill shortly after moving house.
6. They live in a house which has never “felt right” or they instinctively dislike it.
7. Residents wake up feeling unrefreshed and worse in the mornings. People are often affected by Geopathic Stress in bed as the body’s resistance to it drops to a third of normal during sleep.

There are other pointers which may suggest that a particular house is affected. Apart from persistent moulds in the house, ants nests, bees, wasps and other insect invasions, cracks in walls, driveways and ceilings, trees with knobbly growths and similar signs, illnesses are also a pointer. Close neighbours may be in regular poor health, there is the presence nearby of springs, underground water and wells, and previous occupants of the house have also been ill. Geopathic stress is more frequent where the water table is high such as around estuaries. Its common near oil fields and areas of seismic or volcanic activity.

How do you treat Geopathic stress?

Now we come to the good news, geopathic stress is quite treatable. Essentially there are three ways of treating geopathic stress.

These are:-
1. To move out of the geopathic stress.
2. To block it and screen oneself from it.
3. To neutralise it.

Moving out of it does not usually mean moving house. Most people who are affected by geopathic stress are sleeping on Sha lines as their bed is usually the only place in the house where they spend eight hours of the day without moving. The body’s resistance to geopathic stress decreases markedly when asleep.

The prime and most effective way of dealing with geopathic stress is to move one’s bed. This simple measure usually results in moving out of the area of geopathic stress then it ceases to be a problem. The further the bed can be moved the more one gets out of the stress area. However, moving a bed by as little as a metre is sometimes enough to get out of the stressed area as it can be very localised. For some its impossible to move their bed and in this case other methods need to be tried. These are worth doing anyway, even if you can move your bed, as a back up.

Its possible to block geopathic stress by means of a layer of cork placed under the bed. A layer of cork tiles or bath mats, available from DIY and furniture stores can be used. Its also possible to obtain large sheets of cork from specialist suppliers. The science reason for this  appears to depend on an observed association between geological fault lines and oak trees (which produce cork). The oak tree seems to have evolved its own defence against geopathic stress and its also present in cork. Lastly there are many ways of neutralising geopathic stress. The two main ways – one is by using devices or machines and the other is by means of dowsing.

I use dowsing techniques much like water dowsing using 90 percent pure copper rods to detect the Sha lines and wooden wands to clear them. Other people use copper rods placed in the ground or coils of copper. Some use specific crystals placed in the soil at key locations to cut off or redirect the Sha, a technique I use when necessary at the end of a dowsing and clearing. Pendulums can also be used to dowse the position of the lines. Some dowsers even use their fingers and ‘click’ them to get locations of the Sha lines. Technology and machines to to clear geopathic stress are not in my line of methods so check on the web for practitioners.

I strongly recommend that a house be checked for these lines if one has a home-based business which seems to be hindered in some way, or feels that “something” is blocking one’s goals.




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