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chinese-coinFeng Shui Consultation

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There are  two key ways of doing your Feng Shui consultation.

  1. One is to do a full assessment and report with a written summary of the building which takes 2 visits, one to do the assessment and the second to come back with your report and deliver it and go through it with you. The first visit takes about 5 hours on average and the second up to 2 hours.

    The report is usually 8 to 10 pages, plus a full sheaf of very helpful background and reference Feng Shui information sheets. The total cost is $490.00.  For many businesses this can be claimed in the tax year.

  2. The second assessment takes the same time at the business/home.  I bring a report file with me containing all the background info plus summary sheets for filling out details that I find as I assess the premises. I’ll give you a verbal assessment and fill out the pages for this plus you will also need to take notes. That takes about 5 hours.  The cost for that assessment is $390.00.

Requirements – I need the age of the building, the year it was built, and everybody who lives or works there and their birth dates.


Astrology Libra EquinoxAstrology Consultation

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This takes the form of a 1.5 to 2 hour session depending on your needs. The entire session is recorded so as to have it on CD discs depending on what you require.  With the session, you will get print-outs of your chart and a set of notes with times, dates and details if the session is about your astrological year ahead.

The cost of the Astrology session is $130.00. If I have to mail to you a prerecorded tape or disc, the cost includes postage & packing, usually around $6.00 in Australia.

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